R e l i a b l e   n a m e   i n   F a s t e n e r s   a n d   S c r e w s
Manibhadra Industrial Components is a new venture of Hardik Trading Company, doing business of fasteners since 1980. Hardik Trading Company started business as a authorised dealer of Lakshmi Precision Screws Ltd. a well known Indian Company for High tensile fasteners. Progressively connected with reputed fasteners manufacturers like Sundaram Fasteners etc. Then started importing material in 1999 through sister company Ronak Engineering Enterprises, and develop suppliers chain in Taiwan, China, Singapore, etc.

Hardik Trading Company group belives in quality materials & developing suppliers only after strict checking for Quality Standards. Every supply we, receive is strictly check for quality standard.

Manibhadra Industrial Components is a venture to supply fastener's kit as per clients's bill of material according to the use we devide it in two parts - Erection Kit and Production Kit.

Erection kit is packed for longtime in a plastic box as it is travelling alongwith machine at the place of eraction. Production kits are packed in polythelene bags as it is used in factory premises.

Manibhadra Industrial, today is essentially in the buisness of bundling of different kinds of fasteners required for assembling various mechanical products. Fastener kits are supplied to assemble small gadgets and for erecting large equipment. Examples are Air collers, Kitchen Appliances, Air conditioners, Textile Machinery viz. Blow Room, Carding, Warping Machines, Wind Mills etc.

Our job starts with the receipt of bill of material of your Gadgets or Equipments. We analyse the requirement of type, size and quantity of fasteners, source them from dedicated manufacturers fully meeting internaltional quality standards package them, properly tag them and finally a 'Bundle Kit' which will contain all the small and big fasteners needed to give final shape to the gadgets machinery.

Bulk mechanical volumes of standard fasteners are procured from reputed fastener manufacturing firms in India, Taiwan and Germany. Special hardware in moderate quantities are specially got manufactured from a string of small-scale manufacrtuers under strict quality control by Manibhadra industrial components.

We are also suplling loose material as per our product list.Contact us for any of your requirement of fasteners,small or big,loose or kit form. We assure our best services all the time.
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