R e l i a b l e   n a m e   i n   F a s t e n e r s   a n d   S c r e w s
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1. No Disruption of Line Production
  Normally, fasteners are considered a C grade items in most inventory control systems. Accurate Stocks are never kept. Hence when shortage are discovered , they are sudden and very costly. Replaced with Fasteners Kit concept, stop control can be effective without overloading the system with numerous items of C grade value. In short, an insurance against distuption of production schedules.
2. No Wastage
  In a fasteners kit, exact quantities of each items is bundled. So, it is no more necessary order excess quantities necessiated by standard packing of large fasteners manufacturers.
3. No Inspection
  The quality and quantity of fasteners in a kit are guaranteed, once the requirements of the bundled kit are stipulated. Inspection time to check each and every item at the time of issue is avoided.
4. No Hassles
  You are not required to deal with umpteen suppliers. Good bye to any number of enquiries, quotations, comparative statements, purchase orders, follow-ups, goods deliveries, bill processing and connected paperwork. One supply takes care of the requirement of fasteners of your product.
If you are volume Buyer of fasteners, you can save time, money and labour. So rush your bill of material and we will take care of supply of quality fasteners at the most reasonalbe rates for uninterrupted production of your products.
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